Five Ideas for Successful IT Transformation

If you lead an enterprise IT team, there’s an important assumption you should make: your market of internal users is no longer captive. Internal users can, and often do, get a second bid for technology services. Some examples include business units buying SaaS subscriptions or engaging digital agencies to develop custom applications. Today, most enterprises have many users operating largely outside the corporate perimeter. We’ve talked to dozens of IT & security leaders since launching Groove.

Rethinking Identity and Access Management

We founded to help people and organizations be more secure and confident online. The rapid rise in adoption of cloud computing represents a once-in-a-career technology shift. Organizations of every size and in every industry are adopting cloud and mobile technologies to improve business results through increased productivity, faster time to market and reduced costs. The results are compelling and every corner of the tech industry is impacted. In particular, there’s been an explosion in software applications that engage customers, automate processes and generally make our lives more efficient.