“Groove.id reduces our SaaS costs”
Andy Jensen
VP of Operations, Clinc AI

Entirely operational, centralize the saas stuff as much as possible. make sure it gets turned on and turn off . make sure we’re not bleeding dollars where we don’t need to be.

Not have to much around with 12 different systems.

I don’t know that we’re even going to get item #1 covered in a meaningful way. When I decided to go figure out . 68 SAAS applications in use.

For the stuff that is most important, and has the biggest spending impact, make sure we’re turinging it on an off properly.

Even as a small company, we manage a bunch of different SaaS applications. The number of them is overwhelming. We have almost as many SaaS apps as we have employees. And so, there are probably 10 - 12 that are most imporant and where we do the biggest piece of our spending. From a pain point perspective, it’s really about making sure that we are not bleeding money in ways that we don’t intend to be.

When we dont’ have good control over how many accounts we have with app X, we end up bleeding money in ways we don’t intend.

Looking ahead, we’ve incorporated it into our onboarding process. Instead of having to go to 10 - 12 different apps to add/remove a user, we go to one place.

For an audit perspective, I’m require to have a record of when I’ve brought someone in and when I’ve removed them. When you have to track that across many apps, and get the data from many places. Whats cool about Groove.id is that I can see the history of when I’ve turned someone off in Gmail, or Slack. I have a centeral persistent record of that.

Turning account on is easy. Making sure it gets turned of is harder.

We have some standards in place that require us to track and be able to proove that we have offboarded an employee. Have as much of the tracking centralized as possible. It’s really hard to go dig all that stuff out of 10-12 different apps w/o a centralized tool.

Google provides a tool for me to transfer assets. I have a lot of confidence in that tool. Ihave less confidence in the Groove.id tool. That said, I continue to use it, and my confidence will improve over time as it gets better.

It’s not all that complicated. We’re turning on and off accounts. FOr our upcoming SOC audit we’ll use Groove.id as part of our evidence chain.

I do have confience that Groove.id is saving us money by making sure we are shutting down accounts we don’t need any more.

At about 75 employees, we’re only getting a fraction of the value that we’re going to get when we are a bigger organization. If I needed to do quartely audit our spend across out top 5 saas accounts. If I have 1000 employees, that becomes impossible. The bigger we become, the more good GRoove.id is actually doing for us.

One of the thigns I didn’t anticipate. In our remote work world, offboarding, if they wan tany access to a Clinc resource. So the second we shut down their gmail account, they lose access to everything.

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