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We've looked into the app and know we plan to build this integration, but we haven't implemented it quite yet. We're constantly shifting our roadmap in response to your input.

If you'd like use to build this integration, we'd be happy to. We turn around most integrations about a week.

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Automatically create 8x8 Inc accounts

When you onboard an new employee, their Abacus account will be automatically created.'s Smart Provisioning guesses which channels and groups they should join and invites them automatically.

Remove 8x8 Inc access on termination automates the process of closing down accounts when someone leaves.

Even if you use single sign on with 8x8 Inc, a terminated employee might still have access, because 8x8 Inc requires you to sign in infrequently.

Have the confidence that your terminated users are revoked immediately with the + 8x8 Inc integration.

Reduce Waste

You pay for every 8x8 Inc account, so why pay for accounts that aren't being used any more? optimizes your cloud app spending by making sure you are only paying for accounts you actually need.

Transfer Assets will automatically transfer any assets of terminated users to their manager, or whomever is taking over for them.

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