Automate user account management creates and deletes accounts for you. There is no rocket science, no machine learning. Just a set of switches to get people going.

Reduce Waste

Over 30% of SaaS licenses are for applications that aren't being used. lets you see clearly which accounts are active and which are not. You can compare across a team to look for over-provisioned accounts. And when you find accounts that aren't needed, you can switch them off from a single view.

Save Time

Without, you'd have to manually add an employee to each of the SaaS apps they use, which could be hundreds. And when an employee leaves, you have to perform the same thing in reverse. gives you back your time, making it easy to add and remove access, as easy to operate as a light switch.

Improve Security

When an employee leaves and retains access to corporate assets, that creates risk. Indeed, 59% of employees “borrow” data when they leave. gives you confidence that your terminated employees have no access to corporate data once they've left. Even in non-confrontational settings, terminated employees may represent a security risk if their personal devices later become compromised.

Provision Accounts

Provisioning an account is never harder than flipping a switch. can create accounts across major SaaS applications like Office 365, Salesforce, and AWS. It can also create accounts in Active Directory and self-hosted apps such as JIRA and Confluence. For each account a user can be assigned to the groups they need, given the appropriate license and roles within the application.

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Employee Self Help

It's frustrating for employees to get locked out of their computer. Whether it’s because of a forgotten password, a phone or security key, or for any other reason, they just want to ge back to work. allows employees to skip the wait for the helpdesk and recover their access instantly.

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Schedule Termination

Although most terminations are uneventful, some can be rather delicate. With you can schedule termination in advance, and at the appointed time can revoke all the user's access instantly. As with everything else we do, everything is logged and auditable from our high-integrity audit logs.

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Transfer Assets

When people leave, it is important that nothing falls through the cracks. With you can automatically reassign assets, such as emails, documents or calendar invites, to a manager or peer. Rest easy knowing that emails are getting delivered and documents are preserved.

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Simple Compliance

Whether it is HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, or Sarbanes Oxley, compliance is a necessary part of any IT operation. can help you achieve your compliance goals without placing the burden on users. can capture the business justification for any access and report it out to you when you need it for the auditor. You can configure approval workflows that require an application owner or manager to sign off on access before it is granted. Because both captures and enforces access, you know that your compliance data is always 100% up to date and ready for audit.

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Audit Trail has the most comprehensive auditing system. Every time a user signs in, or is granted access to an app, or added to a group, or any of the hundreds of other actions available, we produce an audit record. You can view those records in our console, export them to a log tool like Splunk, or download the raw logs for processing.

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Everything we do is built on top of a simple, extensible, open API. For custom or boutique applications, building an account automation integration is straight forward. Seamlessly switch between an English major-friendly user interface and the developer-friendly REST API.

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