Single Sign On is a single central way to sign in to all the apps that you use at work. No more juggling different account names and passwords when switching between apps.


Compromised credentials are the leading cause of data breaches. combines strong device authentication with context-based variable friction to eliminate the need for passwords. With no credentials to steal, makes things hard on attackers and easy for end users.

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One click setup

Connect many apps in a single click. While other products feature 20-page PDFs of instructions, with it’s trivial to get apps connected.

Any protocol can connect to an app using all the usual industry standards such as SAML, OAuth 2.0, LDAP or RADIUS.

Support for self-hosted apps

The authentication module plugs into any web application and provides continuous protection. It makes sure the user is authenticated before the upstream application can even see the request, ensuring that your internal apps are protected without having to fuss around with authentication protocols.


With the proper permission, allows you to sign in to SaaS apps as someone else. This can make it easier to hand off whatever a former employee was working on.

Application Catalog’s application catalog is a single place for your team to access all their apps through a browser or mobile device. maintains tight integrations with leading SaaS applications that can be provisioned and added to your catalog instantly. Add your own custom on-premises apps using our reverse proxy or your favorite SAML library.