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Effortless onboarding consumes HR data to create accounts for each new hire automatically based on their role on their first day.

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Visiblity & Control gives you one central place to inspect and assign access to all the apps you use.

With a simple light switch model, it's easy to see who has access to what, and correct any errors.


Complete Offboarding

59% of employees retain access after termination, creating security risk. shuts off access immediately & completely when someone leaves.

Account Lifecycle Management

Onboard new users with ease

Setting up a new user is never harder than flipping a switch. creates accounts across major SaaS applications like Office 365, Salesforce, and AWS. It also create accounts in Active Directory and self-hosted apps such as JIRA and Confluence.

For each account a user can be assigned to the groups they need, given the appropriate license and roles within the application.

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“When we hire someone we’re confident they’re going to get into the right systems without us having to do anything.”

Joe Marhamati
VP & Co-Founder, Ipsun Solar
  • Accounts for new employees created when they are marked hired in their HR system.
  • Employee roles drive training in a learning management system means that “we know that they’re getting trained in the right systems.”
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Assign just the right apps

Not sure what apps Alice needs access to? Pick a few people in her new department and see which apps are most common. Click Match Average and Alice’s apps will be set up to match what most of her new colleague have.

Case study

“ reduces our SaaS costs”

Andy Jensen
VP of Operations, Clinc AI
  • Eliminate wasted SaaS license fees by removing unused accounts.
  • “When employees leave, ensures a smooth handoff. It archives and forwards their mail, calendar, and documents in one click.”
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Remove access with confidence

When an employee leaves and retains access to corporate assets, that creates risk. Indeed, 59% of employees retain access to data when they leave. gives you confidence that your terminated employees have no access to corporate data once they’ve left.

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" gives us confidence that we've removed access whenever an employee is offboarded. We use as part of the evidence that our offboarding process is complete and effective in our upcoming SOC audit."
Andy Jensen
VP of Operations, Clinc AI

Passwordless Multi-factor Authentication

It’s time for something better than passwords

Passwords are frustrating for users and provide weak security.

With nothing to remember and nothing for attackers to steal, customers are confident their data are protected.

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Unparalleled visibility

Know exactly who has access to your most important data — and why.

Because every request is tracked, you can easily see who has access, who approved it, and what the reasons given were.

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