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All the access new hires need on day one, provisioned in minutes.

  • Automate account provisioning.
  • Disable access in a single click.
  • Discover unused applications.
  • Archive & transfer data
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Reduce Waste

Over 30% of SaaS licenses aren't being actively used, which wastes money.

Groove.id saves money by cleaning up unused accounts.


Save Time

Without Groove.id, you'd have to log in to dozens of places to get a user set up.

Groove.id gives you a single place to set up accounts across all your apps.

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Improve Security

59% of employees retain access after termination, creating security risk.

Groove.id shuts off access immediately & completely when someone leaves.


Add users in a flash

Groove.id adapts to your process. Start the onboarding process in your HR system, or start it with us. Either way, we make sure each app knows about your new employee.

With Groove.id the onboarding process is simple; the only required information is the new employee’s email address.


Assign just the right apps

Not sure what apps Alice needs access to? Pick a few people in her new department and see which apps are most common. Click Match Average and Alice’s apps will be set up to match what most of her new colleague have.


Manage groups & licenses

Groove.id can help you manage groups and licenses within an application. Some applications have multiple, complex levels of access that must be managed. Some apps have different license types you may need to assign to different users.

Groove.id surfaces all that in one single pane of glass so you can get on with your day.


Track who is making changes

Every account lifecycle action in Groove.id is tracked. You can tell who added a user to an app, added a user to a group, or assigned a license. The data are available in a realtime searchable, interactive chart. You can also export log events to a log management tool such as Splunk.

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