Track everything, find what you need.

Everything in is exposed in simple, easy to understand logs.

Seemlessly capture business justification

When a user needs access, you can require that they provide a business justification for the access they are requesting.

Unparalleled visibility

Because every request is tracked, you can easily see who has access, who approved it, and what the reasons given were.

Audit Administrative Activity

Who created that account? When? Why is Alice an admin for Salesforce? Quickly dive into the audit logs to understand every change that has been made.

Always ready for an audit

When auditors come knocking, the data can be easily exported in a ready-to-go report, or as a CSV file for further processing.

Integrate with Log Managers

Consume audit log events from into Splunk or another log management system, so you can see all your IT and security events from a single place.

Top-notch security practices

Designed and built by security experts, our security practices are second-to-none. All data are encrypted at rest and in transit, and hosted in strongly protected data centers around the world.

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